1. Matteo in Djellaba

    Sun Tunnels, NV

  2. The Land Art Road Trip makes a stop in the desert.

  3. Driving on the Flats

    Wendover, Nevada


  4. The Pilot Motel photo Pilot-Motel_zps0bdd89f3.gif

    T.V. & AIR COND.

    The Pilot Motel, NV

  5. DJ Mustard

    Jack Studios ✚ June, 2014

  6. Approaching the Atmosphere

    The GW Bridge connecting Washington Heights and Fort Lee. Central Park in the distance, Brooklyn beyond that.

  7. A Lesson from Pops

    Philadelphia ✚ April, 2014

  8. A photo of writer/actor Conor Casey I did in L.A. this March for a loud-yelling, face-punching, table-flipping new mag called Counter Productive.

    Check out the short by Mr. Casey here…

  9. Tori at the Falls

    Jim Thorpe ✚ May, 2014

  10. Deep in Vogue

    Meow Machine ✚ D.C.

  11. Then we put it in the news.

    Read more here…


  12. photo GUDDA-GOD-SPARKLE2_zpsdccfb751.gif

    Trading Card #1

    The Gudda God ✚ MCRBZJ

  13. Bam Bam in the Sand

    Bronsoliño ✚ Roots Picnic

  14. La Flame, Travis Scott 

    New York, NY ✚ 5.29.14

  15. LE1F rapping WUT

    Webster ✚ May, 2014